VA Coaching Power Hour

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Have you ever wished you could have the eyes, ears and wisdom of a multi-award winning VA Trainer, where the focus is purely on you and your business.   Our VA Strategy Sessions are designed for that quick short dose of practical support.  These sessions are bespoke to you.

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A VA Power Hour  is the ideal opportunity to discuss your business. Working with an expert can help you avoid costly mistakes and help boost your confidence; because nothing is as wearing as a solution you’re unable to find!

What things can we cover in our time together – here are some examples of what others have used their call for:

How to get started advice and know-how

A VA Strategy Sessions gives you a solid hour to get your questions answered and some ideas on what you need to do to move forward. 

For a new VA business, that could involve where to get started or the steps you initially need to take, to get your business off the ground. You may want to delve further into the common mistakes to avoid when starting out

How to scale and grow / going from me to we!

Maybe you are an established VA business and you want some ideas on scaling and growing, many Power Hours have been used to discuss how to start building a team.

Use your  Power Hour to discuss strategy, systems and processes

Another great topic is that of strategy. What workflows, plans, systems and processes do you need to help your business grow? How can you implement a strategy that will help you to get more clients (the right type of clients) or perhaps you are looking to get more visibility on your content and you want to chat about how you might do that. 

Create your 90 Day Plan

This works for both new Virtual Assistants who would like a plan of action for their first 90 days to get their business up and running or an experienced Virtual Assistant who would like the support of a Coach to create their next Quarters goals and a strategy to achieve them.

Get answers to understand how you can build and grow your business

There are so many different aspects to building and growing a successful business. Yes, there are the practical elements, such as gaining new clients, advertising etc, but there are other sides of the business that you can discuss too.

You may want to know more about what you need to do, from a personal development point of view, to help your business most. Maybe you need a little help making the switch from employee to business owner, or some advice on being more productive.

You’ll be surprised at how much you can actually cover, during a dedicated session with Amanda.

Additional Resources to help you spring forwards

The call is a one-off, and there is no obligation to continue working with me. However, if you decide to start regular business coaching and mentoring with me, the cost of this session will be credited against future investment (T&Cs apply). You therefore haven nothing to lose by booking this call and trying out how we work together.

If you would like a 30-minute catch-up call after your session to help you keep accountable, then this can be arranged at a cost of £50+VAT.


Just come off a power hour with Amanda Johnson absolutely BUZZING with ideas and excited to plan out the next phase of my VA business! If you're thinking about using her as a coach or joining her membership, STOP DITHERING and go book her now. A fab balance of coaching and mentoring, I'm so happy I invested. She's amazing!