Members Directory

Welcome to the VACT Members Directory.

This internal VACT directory has a list of those who have completed the VA Mastery Course in recent years, and existing members of the VA Membership.

(It does not show past members of the VA Membership.)

This internal Directory is to help you “potentially” find Associate VAs with a specific skillset or referral partners.

Click on an individual’s picture to learn more about them and their skills.

Don’t forget to update your own profile, with your picture and website details. This Directory is not linked to your login account and so you will need to upload a picture here.

As a reminder: We are not responsible for the outcome of any working relationships, partnerships or purchases. Please use discretion when and if you choose to work with someone. Ensure you have an enforceable contract and just because someone is a VA does not mean they have the same ethics and values as you.