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Monthly Training Webinar – Creating content with confidence and ease

This months training webinar is on Thu 7 Mar 24 and our guest expert is Jacy Ellenico.

Jacy, a Social Media Manager and Instagram Strategist, specialises in content planning for businesses on the platform. Having started her journey as a Virtual Assistant (VA), she quickly identified Instagram as her niche and dedicated significant time to understanding its functionalities for business growth.

With refreshing honesty, Jacy acknowledges past struggles. Her initial Instagram efforts were unrefined, finding clients proved challenging, and consistent bookings seemed elusive. However, she emphasises the importance of dedication and perseverance, highlighting it as the key differentiator from others. Through persistent effort and experimentation, she eventually navigated the complexities and discovered successful methods.

Jacy’s background in management, administration, sales, and motherhood has instilled in her a deep appreciation for organisation and strategic planning. She translates these same principles into her social media management and marketing, achieving tangible results for both her own endeavours and those of her clients.

Her primary objective is to shield others from the anxieties and exhaustion associated with overwork, preventing them from reaching a point of resentment towards their businesses.

The call will be on zoom:

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Meeting ID: 870 5682 9534
Passcode: 218527


Mar 07 2024


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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